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It would be my honor to share the stage and the discussion with virtual reality game creators, physicists, consciousness researchers, biologists, futurists, theologians, philosophers, metaphysicians, ethicists, and other professionals who have an interest in understanding and contributing to a conversation about who we are, where we are going, and how are we going to get there – the evolution of science, technology, culture, and the human race.

My study and research in the fields of both physics and consciousness applies to a wide spectrum of professional interests. As we move deeper into the information age, huge paradigm shifts are looming in our near future. The paradigm shifts that took us from the agrarian age to the industrial age, from Aristotle-Galileo-Newton to Einstein-Bohr-Heisenberg, will all look like minor bumps in the evolution of human endeavor compared to changes that the information revolution will usher in.

Please consider joining me at the MBT Immersive 2022 KRAKOW Workshop to experience a final in-person event.

Thomas Campbell,
Physicist and consciousness researcher.

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